Kober Family - Multi Generation of Carvers


All decoys are priced at $200 each regardless of size.
( Includes UPS shipping and insurance. )
5 to 6 inches miniatures available in most species and priced at $100.00 each.
Please remember each decoy is an individual work of art, no two will ever be identical because of the distinct characteristics of the piece of wood I start with. Each decoy will vary slightly in overall size between the parameters specified.
The following video shows a selection of my work. Not all my decoys shown here are available all the time. email me if you don't see the species you're looking for.

Catch and Release Commissions

Dave Kober Decoys Catch and Release image

Bass Species

Dave Kober Decoys Largemouth Bass image

Speciality Trophy Fish

Dave Kober Decoys trophy fish image

Dave Kober Decoys Uncle Mike

Our Kober Family History

Dave Kober Decoys Tight Lines cap

Tight Lines!

Dave Kober Decoys logo image cap

Kober Decoys
Give me a call at 231 388 4170
Or email me at: dave[at]koberdecoys.com