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Pan fish, Bass species and small fish species Brook, Golden, Brown, Lake, Rainbow Trout Whitefish, Chain Pikerel, Lake Musky, Tiger Musky, Northern Pike and Walleye

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Large Fish Decoys



All decoys are priced at $200 each regardless of size.
( Includes UPS shipping and insurance. )
5 to 6 inches miniatures available in most species
and priced at
$100.00 each.

Please remember each decoy is an individual work of art, no two will ever be identical because of the distinct characteristics of the piece of wood I start with. Each decoy will vary slightly in overall size between the parameters specified.

Not all my decoys are listed on my site. email me if you don't see the species you're looking for.

Although I have a waiting list for individual decoys and commissioned pieces, if you have a special occasion and need something in a hurry email me and I'll see what I can do to help.

If your email program will not automatically open a message window from these email links you can reach me at

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