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Dave Kober Decoys - Master Carving Series

Dave Kober Brown trout commission"In striving to make my decoys as realisitic as possible, it became ever more clear that many considered my pieces to be works of art. I began to get requests for show mounted, speciality pieces more frequently - and now as many of my fish grace a table top or a showcase as actually come face to face with their intended fishy adversary!"
Dave Kober

Dave Kober Rainbow Trout commissionDiplomatic gifts, sporting group trophies, or just recognition of a 'job-well-done' - I have been honored to be asked to design and produce some truly memorable commissions.

I guess I was an environmentalist before there even was such a word! How can you be an outdoorsman and not care about the preservation and protection of the natural world?

My effort to protect trophy fish and ensure, in so doing, the preservation of their genes - is to ask you to photograph that 'big 'un' and let me carve a replica for you. Let that monster go so he can go on about making more fish for the future!

My pieces are now found in private wildlife and folk art collections, museums and galleries throughout the World - they have even been sold at auction at Sotheby's.

MSU Award to Dave KoberI am most proud of being recognized by Michigan State University and Michigan Center for the Arts with the Michigan Heritage Award.

I let the wood dictate what lies within. The shape, grain and texture - worm tracks, knot holes and all - will reveal either a slender pike or an arching graceful Brook trout.

Grayling Dave Kober

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Dave Kober Brook Trout Brook Trout

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Dave Kober Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout

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Dave Kober Musky Tiger Musky

Dave Kober Perch Perch

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Dave Kober Crappie Crappie

Dave Kober Small Mouth Bass Small Mouth Bass

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