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Dave Kober Brown trout commission

Commissioned Art Pieces
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In striving to make my decoys as realistic as possible, it became ever more clear that many considered my pieces to be works of art. Increasingly I began to get requests for show mounted, speciality pieces - and now as many of my fish grace a table top or a showcase as actually come face to face with their intended fishy adversary!

My pieces are now found in private wildlife and folk art collections, museums and galleries throughout the World - they have even been sold at auction at Sotheby's.

I am most proud of being recognized by Michigan State University and Michigan Center for the Arts with the Michigan Heritage Award.

I let the wood dictate what lies within. The shape, grain and texture - worm tracks, knot holes and all - will reveal either a slender pike or an arching graceful Brook trout.

Although I don't do as many as I used to, you may still catch me at wildlife art shows from New York to Florida.

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Dave Kobe Croppie commission
Dave Kobe Chain Pikeral commission
Dave Kober Rainbow Trout commission
Dave Kober Rainbow trout commission
Dave Kober Steelhead commission
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